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Thank you!!

Moving on out…  Another sale has come & gone! A heartfelt Thank You to all the buyers & bidders who made our 2017 sale!   It was good to see all of you who came to the sale and also appreciated those of you who “came” via DLMS!

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New weights & scrotals posted!

Weights taken on Feb 18, 2017 along with the scrotal circumferences are  now posted.

Click here :  Feb 18, 2017 Weights and Scrotals

Most dams are pictured along with each sale bull.  Just click on the Sale Bull photo to see both parents and links to the Animal Inquiry pages of the Canadian Hereford Association website (>>view CHA data) :



A word from Balog Auction…

Balog letter 2017 web

Coming soon!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017!


The 11th Annual Bull Sale is coming up quickly…

Watch for new updates to the website…


Thank You!!

We had a really, really nice sale on the 23rd of February 2016!

We greatly appreciate all the buyers and bidders who made it such a wonderful success!!  THANK YOU!

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Did you know?

Many sale bulls are pictured along with sire & dam!

Just scroll down below the Sale Catalogue and click on the Sale Bull’s photo!

All three have links directly to the CHA reference pages (>>view CHA data)  for complete pedigree, performance and latest EPDs.  (New as of Feb 15th)


Sale Bull screenshot

A word from Balog Auction…



We certainly do appreciate the support & friendship of the buyers who have been coming over the years.
We look forward to seeing you on Sale Day – Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2016!

Please check our sale page for pictures and the catalogue for a full listing of what is on offer!